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Help Teaching (formerly Test Designer) is a service of SureSwift Worldwide, a US-based company with a focus on web-based solutions that also owns BusyTeacher.org and ElementaryLibrarian.com.

Test Maker ™

HelpTeaching.com hosts a powerful and easy to use Test Maker ™ that can accommodate questions for any topic and any level of difficulty in a variety of formats: multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, true or false, and open-ended questions. By leveraging the site's free member-generated content, Pre-K through post-graduate educators can quickly and inexpensively create professional tests and worksheets. Help Teaching members can maintain their own questions and tests in a desired format that can be used year to year.

History and Milestones

2008 (Aug.) TestDesigner.com launches its test maker tool with a few hundred questions.

2009 (Aug.) TestDesigner.com adds a subscription product - Test Designer Pro.

2011 (Sep.) Test Designer grows to 100K members worldwide.

2011 (Dec.) Test Designer adds a library of free printables.

2012 (Feb.) Test Designer adds a teaching tips blog.

2012 (May) Test Designer adds group subscriptions.

2013 (May) Test Designer adds Common Core aligned worksheets to its library of printables.

2013 (Aug.) TestDesigner.com is rebranded to HelpTeaching.com.

2013 (Oct.) HelpTeaching.com grows to 200K members worldwide.

2014 (Aug.) HelpTeaching.com launches Test Room platform for online assessments.

2015 (Jan.) HelpTeaching.com adds online lessons library with videos.

2017 (Aug.) HelpTeaching.com grows to 1,000,000 members worldwide.

Meet the Team

Billy William Campione began his career in the New York City public school system before moving to a diverse suburban New York public school district. He teaches high school Social Studies. In his fourteen years in the classroom William has filled a variety of roles, including working with a co-teacher, in a consultant teacher model, and in a self contained classroom. He has taught all four high school grades, dealing with the stress of an impending New York State Regents Exam with freshmen, sophomores, and juniors, and the year-long battle with Senior-itis while teaching twelfth graders.

Lori Lori Leclair is a freelance educational content developer. Using her classroom teaching experience coupled with her obsessive attention to detail, Lori crafts quality math and science materials designed for students and teachers. When not devising and assessing test questions, Lori can be found reading, camping with her family, or playing clawhammer banjo.

Stacy Stacy Zeiger is a former 8th grade English teacher, turned freelance writer. She is focused on helping educators and parents find ways to improve their students’ and children’s education. As a stay-at-home mom and military wife, Stacy has unique experiences to bring to her work. She regularly blogs about education and parenting, develops creative educational activities, writes lesson plans and creates workbooks for all age-levels and subject areas.

Jerry Jerry Stanley has taught and tutored most upper level math courses as well as computer and information technologies. He enjoys the challenge of finding unique ways to reach all students whether they are adult learners, have special needs, or just struggle with the conventional education methods. Jerry also has a passion for art of many varieties including drawing, painting, digital imaging, and sculpture, but his favorite creative outlet is with 3D animation and visual effects.

Carrie Carrie Wible is a writer, musician, and educator/temporary stay-at-home mom to an awesome 16 year old and 3 year old twins. She has taught core classes in grades 1-8, K-6th music, and online Title I Math. As the jack of all trades teacher, she has also been a librarian, soccer coach, science fair and speech meet coordinator, piano accompanist, and spelling bee master. She currently writes content for education websites and a humorous blog about her noisy life in between playing with Ninja Turtles and convincing her twins they still need a nap.

Tami Tamra Orr is the author of more than 350 nonfiction educational books for readers of all ages, including “America’s Best Colleges for B Students”, and “How to Ace the SAT Essay Even if You Hate to Write”. She has written items and passages for multiple national and state tests for more than 25 years.

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