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Volcano Vocabulary (Grade 6)

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Volcano Vocabulary

Instructions: Use the word bank to complete each statement about volcanoes.

Word Bank: magma chamber; vent; caldera; reservoir; lava; basalt; scoria;
shield volcano; cinder cone; compound volcano; conduit; bombs; ash; magma

1.                            is the smallest and finest sized pyroclastic material.

2. This volcanic rock is poor in silica but rich in magnesium, iron, and calcium. It is the most common volcanic rock and called                           .

3. Fragments of magma varying in diameter from a few inches to several feet ejected into the air during a volcanic explosion are called                           .

4. This is a large depression produced following an eruption by the collapse of the roof of a magma chamber. It is usually circular or horseshoe-shaped when viewed from above. This is called a                           .

5. A volcanic structure composed of two or more vents or lava domes is called a                                       .

6. A large volcanic structure with long, gentle slopes built up almost entirely from fluid lava flows is called a                                   .

7. Magma that has reached the surface of Earth is called                             .

8. Molten rock within Earth formed by partial melting of the mantle is called                             .

9. A                                  is the reservoir in which magma is accumulated and stored. It is located within the structure of a volcano a few miles from the surface.

10. This is a cone built up by the accumulation of loose bits of magma (scoria) that fall around a vent or crater after being expelled into the air during moderately explosive activity. If still sufficiently hot, they melt when they fall to the ground. This is called a                             .

11. A dark, vesicular volcanic rock produced by moderately explosive activity or lava flows and resulting from blobs of gas-charged lava that have cooled in flight, is called                             .

12. A volcano is composed of three basic elements. A                            through which volcanic material erupts, the                           , which is the passageway allowing the magma to reach the surface, and the                            or magma chamber deep in the crust of Earth.
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