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The War in Vietnam, Part Two: Americans in Combat (Grade 8)

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The War in Vietnam, Part Two: Americans in Combat

After the French defeat and division of Vietnam in 1954, what was the goal of the North Vietnamese?

What was the goal of the South Vietnamese in the 1950's and 1960's?

Communist                  and the                                flooded the North with weapons, supplies, and advisers, which then supplied the communist insurgents in the South.
Although U.S. military advisers had been present in Vietnam for a decade, active combat units were not introduced until what year?
  1. 1961
  2. 1965
  3. 1968
  4. 1973
North Vietnam suppled and reinforced the Việt Cộng through what famous passage?
  1. the Hồ Chí Minh Trail
  2. the Vietnam Highway
  3. the Victory Trail
  4. the Silk Road
Match the person with his role in the Vietnam War.
__Robert McNamaraA.commander of U.S. forces in Vietnam, 1964-1968
__Hồ Chí MinhB.U.S. Secretary of Defense
__Lyndon JohnsonC.U.S. president who sent first combat units into Vietnam
__Richard NixonD.leader of communist North Vietnam
__Nguyễn Văn ThiệuE.elected president of South Vietnam, 1967-1975
__John F. KennedyF.U.S. president who ordered bombing of Cambodia
__William WestmorelandG.U.S. president determined to prevent a communist victory in Vietnam
In 1964, a U.S. destroyer was alleged to have clashed with North Vietnamese fast attack craft in the Gulf of                    resulting in Congress giving President Johnson broad authority to increase the American military presence in Vietnam through the Gulf of                    Resolution.
The beginning of the U.S. ground war in Vietnam was marked by the arrival in 1965 of U.S. Marines at
  1. My Lai.
  2. Saigon.
  3. Hanoi.
  4. Da Nang.
In 1968, the forces of the Việt Cộng and the North Vietnamese Army launched the              Offensive, a major escalation of the war named after the Vietnamese New Year.
Despite resulting in a heavy casualty toll for the Viet Cong, and failing to inspire widespread rebellion among the South Vietnamese, why was the Tet Offensive seen as a strategic victory for the North Vietnamese?

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