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Body Systems (Grade 6)

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Body Systems

What is the system responsible for taking in oxygen and removing carbon dioxide from the body?
  1. circulatory
  2. respiratory
  3. excretory
  4. digestive
The system responsible for breaking down food so that nutrients may enter the bloodstream is the
  1. circulatory system.
  2. respiratory system.
  3. digestive system.
  4. excretory system.
Which system consists of glands with tissues that produce hormones?
  1. circulatory system
  2. digestive system
  3. endocrine system
  4. excretory systems
Which body system performs a function similar to that of the vascular system of a plant?
  1. circulatory
  2. nervous
  3. excretory
  4. digestive
Which body system includes the kidneys and bladder?
  1. skeletal
  2. urinary
  3. muscular
  4. endocrine
Which system protects organs, supports the body, and stores minerals?
  1. skeletal
  2. endocrine
  3. reproductive
  4. muscular
What body system forms the external surface of the body and provides protection from dehydration, environmental chemicals, and impacts?
  1. endocrine
  2. nervous
  3. digestive
  4. integumentary
Which body system tells you when to reach for and catch a falling book?
  1. muscular
  2. skeletal
  3. nervous
  4. respiratory
Which system enables movement of the body?
  1. muscular
  2. circulatory
  3. reproductive
  4. endocrine
Which system is made up of an intricate network of vessels, nodes, and organs that can be found all around the human body?
  1. circulatory
  2. respiratory
  3. pulmonary
  4. lymphatic
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