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Taxonomy (Grade 7)

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Taxonomy is the science of classifying living things. Which series places the classification groups in the correct order?
  1. kingdom -> class -> phylum -> order -> genus -> family -> species
  2. kingdom -> phylum -> class -> order -> family -> genus -> species
  3. kingdom -> order -> class -> family -> genus -> phylum -> species
  4. kingdom -> phylum -> order -> class -> genus -> family -> species
In binomial nomenclature,
  1. the first word identifies the color of the organism, and the second word tells where the organism is usually found.
  2. the first word identifies the organism's genus, and the second word describes a feature of the organism or place where it was found.
  3. the first word tells where the organism lives, and the second word tells who originally found the organism.
  4. the first and second word both identify important characteristics of the organism.
Organisms have the most in common with other organisms in their
  1. family.
  2. class.
  3. species.
  4. domain.
Blue-green algae belongs to the                 kingdom.
  1. Monera
  2. Protista
  3. Plantae
  4. Fungi
Protozoa belong in the kingdom
  1. Protista.
  2. Animalia.
  3. Plantae.
  4. Fungi.
Which is not a phylum in the animal kingdom?
  1. Nematodes
  2. Coelenterates
  3. Platyhelminthes
  4. Monera
Which of the following all belong to the domain Eukarya?
  1. Bacteria, Protists, Plantae
  2. Plantae, Archaea, Fungi
  3. Animalia, Bacteria, Protists
  4. Bacteria, Archaea, Protists
  5. Animalia, Fungi, Protists
What phylum does the octopus belong to?
  1. Porifera
  2. Tracheophyta
  3. Nematoda
  4. Cnidaria
  5. Mollusca
Why does the Linnaean classification system have limitations?

Choose 4 of the 6 Kingdoms. Name each kingdom and list, at least, 3 facts about each kingdom.

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