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Tectonic Plates (Grade 8)

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Tectonic Plates

The map shows the major tectonic plates. Locate the boundary line between the North American plate and Eurasian plate as well as the boundary line between the South American plate and African plate. Which statement best describes the processes occurring along those boundary lines?
Tectonic Plates With Labels
  1. uplift and mountain formation
  2. volcano formation due to mantle hotspots
  3. subduction and recycling of crustal material
  4. seafloor spreading and formation of crustal material
                plate movement means to move apart.
  1. Convergent
  2. Divergent
  3. Subduction
  4. Transform
The result of plate movement can be seen at                 .
  1. abyssal plains
  2. ocean margins
  3. plate centers
  4. plate boundaries
                plate movement means to slide alongside one another.
  1. Convergent
  2. Divergent
  3. Transform
  4. Subduction
                plate movement means to move together.
  1. Convergent
  2. Divergent
  3. Transform
  4. Subduction
The Andes Mountain Range and Andean Volcanic Belt line the western side of South America. Based on this information and the map, which statement best describes the plate boundary interaction along the west coast of South America?
Tectonic Plates With Labels
  1. The Nazca plate is subducting under the South American plate.
  2. The South American plate is subducting under the Nazca plate.
  3. The Nazca plate and South American plate interact along a transform boundary.
  4. The South American plate and Nazca plate interact along a divergent boundary.
Which feature is associated with a continental-continental plate boundary?
  1. a subduction zone
  2. a mountain range
  3. a deep-sea trench
  4. a volcano
This tectonic process is associated with convection currents in the mantle that occurs when the weight of an elevated ridge pushes an ocean plate toward a subduction zone.
  1. ridge push
  2. convergent boundary
  3. slab pull
  4. transform boundary
What is the largest tectonic plate?
  1. Scotia plate
  2. Pacific plate
  3. Eurasian plate
  4. Antarctic plate
Two tectonic plates are diverging. Which is the most reasonable estimate of the rate of divergence?
  1. 3 mm/yr
  2. 3 cm/yr
  3. 3 m/yr
  4. 3 km/yr
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