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Westward Expansion (Grade 2)

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Westward Expansion

President                                             arranged the Louisiana Purchase with the emperor of France, Napoleon Bonaparte in 1803.
What was one of the main reasons the President wanted to explore the new land the United States had gotten in the Louisiana Purchase?
  1. To have many new animals named after him.
  2. To trade with all the Native American tribes.
  3. To find gold.
  4. To find a river route across the country to the Pacific Ocean.
The men on the Lewis and Clark Expedition were part of what army unit?
  1. Rocky Mountaineers
  2. The Privateers
  3. The Corps of Engineers
  4. The Corps of Discovery
To prepare for their journey, Lewis and Clark studied whatever information they could about the frontier, living in the wilderness, and exploration skills.
  1. True
  2. False
What was a "pirogue" that Lewis and Clark traveled in?
  1. A small car.
  2. A wagon pulled by a horse.
  3. A dugout canoe.
  4. A big ship.
Mark 3 things that Lewis and Clark wrote in their Journals.
  1. Pictures of pretty women they met.
  2. Pictures of new plants and animals they saw.
  3. Nicknames they gave their crew members.
  4. Maps of the places they explored.
  5. Descriptions of what they did each day.
  6. Records of how much money they made each day.
All of the Native American tribes Lewis & Clark met were very helpful to them.
  1. True
  2. False
What did the Native Americans find fascinating about Clark's servant York?

Sacagawea's husband, Charbonneau, was hired by Lewis & Clark mainly to do what?
  1. Be a map-maker.
  2. Be an interpreter.
  3. Be a horse-rider.
  4. Make beads to trade with the tribes.
What was the nickname Clark gave to Sacagawea's infant son, Jean-Baptiste.

Mark 3 ways Sacagawea was helpful to the group on the expedition.
  1. She was good at making maps.
  2. She knew many landmarks in the area they were travelling.
  3. She knew many plants they could eat.
  4. She liked to write in Clark's journals.
  5. She could communicate with many of the tribes they met.
What very useful thing did Lewis & Clark get from Sacagawea's Shoshone people before they crossed the mountains?

Lewis & Clark never reached the Pacific Ocean.
  1. True
  2. False
On the return trip of the expedition Lewis and Clark took different routes. Why?
  1. to see which route was the shortest
  2. they could not agree on the correct route home
  3. so they could do some additional trading on the way home
  4. to explore more areas
Many people were surprised to see Lewis & Clark when they returned home because they had been gone so long that people thought they had died.
  1. True
  2. False
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