This worksheet supports Common Core State Standards ELA-Literacy.RI.6.2, ELA-Literacy.RST.6-8.2

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One-Way Ticket to Mars (Grade 6)

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One-Way Ticket to Mars

Recently an invitation was sent out to the world. The world certainly responded! The
Mars One Foundation invited anyone over the age of 18 to apply for a future one-way ticket to Mars. Winners would be sent to the red planet in 2023. It would be their job to establish the first human settlement. Hundreds of thousands of people from all corners of the earth sent in their applications. Of those, only a small group included the required fees and video.

Those that make it through the first round of selections will be put through rigorous and challenging mental and physical tests. Experts expect this to whittle the number down to several dozen. Those select few will then participate in an intensive seven-year astronaut training program. Finally, four people will be chosen to make the long trip into space.

Are you sad you may not be a part of this group? Don't be! According to Mars One Foundation, you can follow their adventures on television. The foundation hopes to raise billions of dollars for the project by turning the process into a television reality show. You may not be able to go to Mars. However, you may be able to vote on who does!
What is the main idea of this passage?
  1. Establishing a settlement on Mars is no longer science fiction
  2. Astronauts must undergo extreme and precise training to survive in space
  3. The application process for being chosen to go to Mars is slow and demanding
  4. Raising money to fund space exploration often involves the public's help
What would make the best title for this story?
  1. Establishing a Settlement on Mars
  2. Raising the Money for Exploring Space
  3. Making the Video and Paying the Fees
  4. Being Part of the Team Going to the Red Planet
Which detail would fit best in the second paragraph of the text?
  1. What kind of challenges the applicants will have to undergo
  2. How the foundation will develop the technology to reach Mars
  3. When the final four winners will be chosen and announced publicly
  4. What the name of the group's reality television show will be

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