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Lunar Phases

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Lunar Phases Answer Key

The different appearances of the Moon result from its changing position with respect to Earth and the Sun.
  1. True
  2. False
Gerald keeps a journal of Moon phases for a homework assignment. His sketches of how the Moon appeared on three different clear nights are shown below. Based upon Gerald's drawings, it appears that the Moon is waning.

Moon Phase - Full Moon Moon Phase - Waxing Crescent Moon Phase - Last Quarter
  1. True
  2. False
The dark side of the Moon faces Earth during the new moon phase.
  1. True
  2. False
The first quarter moon comes after the waxing crescent moon.
  1. True
  2. False
Between which phases is the Moon waxing? Select TWO answers.
  1. full moon and third quarter moon
  2. first quarter moon and full moon
  3. new moon and first quarter moon
  4. third quarter moon and new moon
Javier is creating a moon phase diagram as part of an astronomy project. He drew the image of the Moon shown. Which of the following best describes the phase of the Moon that could be represented by Javier's drawing?
Moon Phase - Waning Crescent
  1. New
  2. Full
  3. Quarter
  4. Gibbous
In this diagram, what phase of the Moon (C) would be seen from Earth (B)?
Spring Tide 2
  1. new moon
  2. full moon
  3. first quarter
  4. third quarter
Angela watched the Moon from her bedroom window for one week. She noticed that, at first, it was round and fully lit. At the end of the week, the Moon was lit on the left side and looked like it had been cut in half. How do scientists describe this stage of the moon phase cycle?
  1. waning
  2. wasting
  3. waxing
  4. warming
Rob observes the Moon in the phase shown.
Moon Phase - Waning Crescent
About how long will it be before Rob can see the Moon in the same phase again?
  1. 1 week
  2. 1 month
  3. 1 year
  4. 1 decade
What phase would the Moon be in if Earth was located directly to the right of the Moon on the diagram shown?
Moon Phase - Last Quarter
  1. New
  2. Full
  3. First quarter
  4. Third quarter

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